Production Process
sdf Delivery – Rest assured that the delivery will be fast. Choosing from Fed-ex, UPS, or other air cargo companies or even sea freights are available. We will keep all shipping records and invoice packing lists to allow faster custom clearance in their area.
sdf Final QC – Final QC is the last checkpoint of the factory maintained by our careful experts to inspect for any of the flaws. Our experienced staff members will check every detail as the customer requested and specifications before the products leave the factory.
sdf Packaging – A selection of packaging types are available for the finished jewelries. These packaging types include: boxes, pouches, bags, barcode stickers, stickers, care instructions, and tags. Each jewelry product will be packed as the customers requested to allow the product go from the hands of the sales to the consumers smoothly.
sdf Plating – We have a selection of plating tanks that are internationally standardized. Jewelry products that require plating will be sent to this section to be plated to the customer’s needs by our professional technicians. Finished products will be tested by an X-ray machine to insure the thickness of the precious metal contents.
sdf Stamping and Tubing – We also carry stamping and tubing products. With high technique stamping and tubing molds and machines we can produce lightweight and detailed designs on our pieces with a good price and quality. All of the molds are progressive molds to ensure that the products will be finished in within one station for good quality.
sdf Polishing – In the polishing process different sizes of cotton polishing wheels are used to polish the jewelries to achieve a bright shine. Our experienced workers ensure that the pieces would be left with a shine to the tiny details.
sdf Stone setting – There are different types of stone settings we can make. Different types of tools are use in the process of stone setting to create the desired effect overall to the piece. Setting varies from the simple prong settings to the micro pave settings all of them done in the house.
sdf Sanding – The purpose of sanding is to make the surface of the jewelry pieces smooth. We use electric motor sanding wheels of different sizes. Our workmanship ensures that there would be no irregular bumps on the surface of our jewelries.
sdf Tumbling – The pieces then go through the Tumbling process to wash the dirt and residues off and allow the process of sanding to be easier due to the smoother surface it acquires after the process. In order to achieve the smooth surface we put different kinds of Medias inside the tumbling tank.
sdf Casting – The wax molds are then soldered onto a tree. Investment plaster is then poured over the tree to create another mold. Finally the metals are poured into the plaster mold in its liquid state. These metals could be gold or silver. After the tree cools down the plaster is washed away by high-pressured water and the pieces are cut down from the trees to prepare for the Tumbling Process.
sdf Design and Mold Making-Original ideas are designed and sketched by our professional designers. These designs are then printed with a 3D wax printing machine and converted into silver molds for rubber mold making. The wax piece is then duplicated by injecting wax into the rubber molds to produce more copies of the wax jewelry.