Management in the company needs a system for quality work in every aspect. Therefore the ISO system is a very important part to our company in order for the company to develop and improve on quality and efficiency. Learning from the ISO system, we will develop correct work methods, and better efficiency under the following policy:

Quality policy
Quality products
Demand fulfillment
On time delivery
Continuous improvement

Regal is determined to design and produce all types of jewelry with excellent quality, meeting all demands of the customer,and meeting all or the requirements of the ISO: 9001:2015 with all employees
participating to develop the quality management system continually to satisfy all customers.

ISO focuses on fine tuning the system of assembly and demonstrates the procedures which makes all of our products pass the same system. This makes every piece of work equal in quality.

Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co.Ltd.

By the company that gave the warrant to the system ISO 9001:2015 (globalgroup)




Our policy for social responsibility and awareness

We strive to raise the standards for better working environment which include the worker’s lifestyle. This means a safer place free of health hazards with quality standards. To show our determination and capability to create these standards, we took the points from the TLS.8001-2010 – which is the regulation from the Thai labor department – and applied it as our policy. Here is our policy regarding the social responsibility and awareness:

1) The company will promote and improve the rights in order for serious adherence to the government policy of worker’s rights TLS.8001-2010

2) We will not advertise and promote actions that contradict the TLS.8001-2010 policy.

3) Regal jewelry will adjust and modify the working environment according to the TLS.8001-2010 policy.

4) Regal jewelry will educate the labor rights to our workers of every rank. We will develop

principals, responsibility and participation on the TLS.8001-2010 policy and other related laws. We believe that the policy for society and labor needs to be strictly done, with the managers of the company announcing to all workers of the company, and have a certain involvement in participation according to the regulations with responsibility.





Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co.Ltd. has been a member ofo TGJTA since Aug 14, 1993. Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA) is considered as the biggest jewelry groups with the most members. TGJTA has been approved by customers and professionals alike all over the world from the sucess of the show arranged, the Bangkok Gem & Jewelry Fair.


Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair is a dynamic place to conduct good business and network with over 1,200 exhibitors in 16 key product categories and thousands of international jewelers and traders pursuing supplies. It is organized twice a year, in March and September, at the Impact Challenger, with more than 3,500 stalls spread over 80,000 square meter in a single-floor layout, BGJF has been a vibrant marketplace where over 1,200 exhibitors from over 35 countries such as UK., Italy, Russia, USA, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Israel and etc. participate in each BGJF which attracts 35,000 international delegates and visitors.

The members of Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association have worked closely with the Department of Export Promotion towards building the success of the fair and then through a unified effort to increase Thailand’s reputation as The World’s Gems & Jewelry Hub.

The 48th Bangkok Gem & Jewelry Fair will be held on September 14 – 18, 2011 which,  Regal Jewelry will be participating in. details of the show will be in the [Event Calendar]

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